Plastic Beehive Brand knitting needles in a Aero pouch.


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Once upon a time, there was a little old lady who loved knitting but who was a bit in a hurry, or maybe a bit absent-minded. She made a mistake and placed a pair of red "Beehive Brand" knitting needles size 6 (UK size) in a red Aero pouch marked for needles size 9.
The needles didn't mind though, as the case was the proper size in length and width, so they lived happily ever after.
As the little old lady was getting older and older, she could not knit anymore and the needles and pouch were forgotten in a cupboard for many years, until the little old lady finally died.
The needles were still in good condition, although one of them is slightly bent, and they wanted to be used again, so they decided it was time for them to walk out of their cupboard, go and see the world (with their case, of course) and find a nice new home.
They measure 34.5 cm long
UK 6
US 8
Japan 10
= 5 mm
The needles + their pouch weigh (without protection and packaging) 25 g
Beehive Brand.

They are vintage but the exact date is unknown.

£2.50 inc. tax


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