1960s Italian melamine sundry dish/tray or astray


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2 trays available. Please choose between Number 1 (+ £0.50) and Number 2.

How to buy both trays?

Very nice 1960s Italian Melamine tray, which can be used as an ashtray (although using it as an ashtray would damage the plastic), a sundry tray, even a small plate, or anything you want.

Number 1: Photos 1 to 3 show tray number 1.
A few small discolored spot (look a bit whiter) on the front (this is not visible on the photo but it is really discreet, and you have to look closely to see them) and some traces of age on the back, that could be defined as the equivallent of crazing, for for plastic. Apart from that, it is in excellent condition. Tray n°1 is a bit more expensive than n°2: + £0.50. The extra £0.50 will be added when choosing your option.

Number 2: Photos 4 to 6 show tray number 2.
Tiny traces (of pen?) on the front, tiny chip (less than 1 mm) on the bottom right corner, same style of "crazing" on the reverse side, which also shows a scratch and some funny red spots. I have no idea what these red spots are.
Tray number 2 is a bit cheaper than number 1: the price shown on the listing is for tray n°2.

Please note that photos 3 and 6 show a close up of the reverse side, and certain cameras automatically modify colours, and make them look lighter, when a close up is taken.

Dimensions (both trays have same dimensions): square tray measuring 13.5 cm  x  13.5 cm.

Weight of each tray (without protection and packaging): both trays weigh 81 g.

Made in Italy by Mebel. 

Tray 1
Tray 2
£3.00 inc. tax


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