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Very pretty and mysterious French "Wagon Lits" small tray, probably meant to empty pockets, or small dish.

Colour: very light blue.

All items I have seen which are marked "Ornamine Rumilly" are dated by their owner from the 1960s, sometimes 1970s, however, although this Trademark still existed in the second half of the 20th century, this little tray is probably older than that, and might be as old as the early 1930s, as the logo you can see on it was allegedly used by the French "Wagon Lits" company between 1930 and 1935 (please see this link, and this link).
Moreover, Melamine, a resin invented in the beginning of the 20th century, and which this item is made of, was first used by designers as early as 1927 (kitchenalia, decoration, miscellaneous items).

Ornamine seems to be a kind of plastic, or Melamine. Please see last photo which shows an excerpt of a book. However, when you research on Wikipedia the chemical formula given by this book, you do not find any mention of Ornamine (so far?).

Ornamine could also be the name of the company which made objects from this Melamine.

However, I haven't found any information about the company that made this tray for the "Compagnie Internationale des Wagon Lits" (full name of the company that was running the Orient Express and other prestigious trains).
Rumilly is a town in the French Alps, but I have also found on the Internet some melamine items marked "Ornamine Annecy", Annecy being another town in the French Alps. This probably refers to the location of the factory that made the object.

So far, this is what I have found. As you see, this item is very mysterious...

I doubt that this tray comes from the Orient Express train itself, but who knows? Melamine, if used from the late 20s, was certainly not a very widespread plastic in those days (so it must have been a bit expensive), so a prestigious company like Wagon Lits might have chosen to use it for some objects in their luxurious trains. One thing for sure: the logo proves that this object was used in a train.

It is in good condition for its age, with obvious signs of age and use:

- There are some light (but not really discreet as you can see them very clearly) scratches inside the tray. Because of these scratches (from a knife?), I wonder if this tray was not, in fact, a small dish coming from the dining car, where butter or appetizers were served.

- There are some traces of sticker on the reverse side of the tray.

- There is a crack on the corner near the logo. It is visible from both sides of the tray. A tiny chip (less than 1 mm) near this crack. Please see 4th photo.

Dimensions: 13 cm  x  9.2 cm  x  2.3 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging): 62 g

£16.50 inc. tax


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