c1970s box full of Winfield general purpose pins sewing supply


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Vintage box of Winfield general purpose pins, for sewing, or will suit any of your needs. Reference: 500.
Exact date of manufacturing unknown, but estimated 1970s. They were bought at the time in Woolworth for 22 p.
They are very thin, measure 25 mm long (= 2.5 cm) and have a very small pinhead.
I do not know the exact number of pins in the box. There is a mention on the bow saying there is 42.5 g of pins. I weighed the empty box (9 g) and the box with all the pins inside (57 g) which, in fact, makes a total of 48 g of pins.
The box shows some damages (please see photos).
Dimensions of the box: 7.4 cm x 5.4 cm x 2.1 cm
Weight of the box: 57 g
Made in Great Britain

£3.00 inc. tax


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