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These types of washboards were invented in America, which is why most of the vintage washboards you see nowadays on the market are sold from the USA.
The first patent for a metal washboard was submitted on 9th February 1833 by a man named S. Rust.

During WWII, washboards were made of wood and glass, due to the shortage of metal.

This great medium sized country style washboard dates from the 1940s.

It is in very good vintage condition, but shows some signs of age, as can be expected with an item of this age.
The feet are a bit dirty (please see details on pictures), there is a trace of white paint of one side (please see 3rd picture), the glass is in very good condition but will be happy to be scrubbed (I usually leave my items as they are, so customers can decide what they wish to do with them), and the top plank moves a little bit (I do not know if it has always moved or if this is a sign of age).

Please note that the light is reflected in the glass on some of the pictures. The glass also looks darker on some of the pictures, due to the black background.

Dimensions : 56 cm  x  35 cm  x  2.4 cm

Weight (without protection and packaging): 1800 g

£17.00 inc. tax


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